Hi there,

I’m Karolina. A creator, writer and copywriter.

Well, at least until I decide, I want to be something else again, heh!

I live in Sydney, Australia, I have kids, a husband and randomly occurring identity crisis. I like to define myself as a creative soul with a special affection for sarcasm and authenticity.

What you should know

I prefer working with small or single-peep businesses with a tie-dye/boho/yoga pants while eating ice cream dress code.

I like sarcasm. A lot. And I try to sneak it everywhere (just in case you said I didn’t warn you).

I published a book in 2020, but it’s written in a language spoken only by 0.14% of the world’s population. So yeah, sorry, you’ll probably never read it. #NoOneSpeaksCzech

I can read tarot cards and used to do readings for clients too. I’ve changed course since, but you can still listen to my monthly New Moon Readings on my Patreon page.

I’m a nerd. A gaming nerd to be precise. I shamelessly fight over the PS controller with my daughter, and I hope she’ll do the same one day.

Documents & Seals

(a.k.a. credentials)

I should start with the biggest paper of all; my MSc. diploma from Medical Anthropology from Durham University. My 3-year coaching training in the S.W.A.T. Institute closely follows (yep, they gave me a certificate too).

I know, I know. Both sound a bit… Er … Confusing?

Let me explain! All this to say, that while I am a Master of Science as well as an empowerment coach, I am definitely not an elite killer (the S.W.A.T. Institute stands for Simply Woman Accredited Trainer. I promise).

Copy trophies

  • I wrote a short profile for Corpus Lingerie published in British Vogue October 2020
  • My book Kamínky po kapsách was successfully crowdfunded and published by Pointa publishing house in 2020