You’ve got your biscuits, I’ve got banoffee pie. Let me transform the ingredients of your great ideas into delicious copy your clients won’t be able to resist.

Some of my tasty projects

Align Beauty

Branding a copyediting

Magdalena makes natural skincare. But how the heck does she create a brand and put all her passion into compelling words? We’ve put our heads together, went through her values and vision, got clarity and came up with the entire branding. I copyedited what she already got into some juicy stories, website copy and newsletters so that her whole business could be born.

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Corpus Lingerie

Profile for British Vogue October 2020

Two sisters and their heavenly bamboo underwear. The mission was clear; they needed a short, yet fun profile introducing their brand. In less than 12 hours. #challengeaccepted

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Want your own slice of irresistible?

Great! I love tweaking already written texts with a bit of colour and spice. Bland corporate flavours aren’t really my style. I prefer slightly out-of-the-box creations with a playful touch.

Let's do this!