How To Test And Push Your Own Limits

This post is inspired by a lobster… A.k.a. me and my jogging experience.

Maybe you’ve already noticed something on my Insty account but here’s the longer version of my ‘Super profound lessons from jogging’ story I really wanna share with you. Because, well, sometimes the smallest and silliest things are the biggest and most important breakthroughs you can possibly get.

You know those people who are like, “Let’s go swimming, let’s go for a run!” but as soon as you leave the house and you’re actually doing whatever sport they suggested, they start being all lazy and super annoying?

Well, that’s me!

And the reason is, that I’ve spend my entire life thinking I really suck at sports. I always liked the idea of doing sports and running, swimming, surfing or doing yoga like a pro but then I gave it a go and I just wanted to die. Because in like 30 seconds it was pretty obvious I was no pro. I was no super fit and sexy chick with an amazing Lulu Lemon bum that people would turn after and think WOW. I was this over-boiled lobster in $15 sweat pants that couldn’t catch her breath after the first 100m and whose misery was so obvious that instead of the ‘wow!’, people were actually asking me if I was ok.

(True story)

So yeah, I’d go jogging and basically, always expect it to be torture. I was NOT one of those people who’d run the entire Manly Beach (or whatever track) there and back without ever stopping. I was lucky to crawl into the little cafe in the middle and have my ‘Screw it! I suck and I give up!’ cake.

Well guess what? I freakin’ DID jog back and forth the whole beach without stopping for once yesterday!

And I felt like I’ve conquered the world. I felt like I’m totally awesome and simply the best. And actually, I still do.

Now, how did I get there, tho? How did I turned from someone who could never do such a thing into someone who did?

It all started the other day when I went running with David and at the usual spot (yes, that’s where the cafe is O:-) I stopped. And he just turned around and said a little loving, “Come on, babe! Don’t give up just yet!”

And I gotta tell you. I was furious at that moment! Because I WANTED to stop! I WANTED to give up! I wanted to walk the rest of the trail! Because I always did! That’s how I jog, god damn it! Who are you to tell me I should keep going?!

But as I was trying to catch up with David, to let him know how nasty and wrong he was… All of a sudden, I realised that, hey, I’m actually still running! Meaning, I CAN go on! I don’t have to give up just yet.


My brain totally panicked!

Because that’s NOT how I do this! That’s not what I’m USED to! What the hell is going on?!

And as I kept going I noticed it’s not my body, it’s not my legs or lungs that ache and cannot keep up… It’s my head!!

My little angry Ego that just wants to have it her way… My Ego that just wants to be RIGHT! (Which in no way means keep going and proving David right!)

You know those big shiny light bulb moments? This one was mine.

All of a sudden, I realised that actually, I never tried to run the whole track without stopping. I never tried slowing down and taking it easy. I never tried doing it differently. I never tried NOT to give up.

So that day, I finally did. And it has changed everything for me.

Yet again, I started listening more… To my heart and body.

I’ve managed to push and conquer my own limits.

I’ve given up on the need to be right and instead, I chose to be awesome!

So my question is, magic maker:

What do YOU believe you can’t ever do or make?!

How is YOUR need to be right about something limiting you in exploring your true potential?

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