This Is What YOU Can Do For The World’s Peace

I’ve been thinking of the world lately. Of what the heck is going on. Of where we’re heading. Of war and peace. And as a faithful hippie I’ve dived into many debates and discussions around this topic.

People being scared. People being shocked. People feeling like something really bad is gonna happen soon and even questioning whether to bring new, innocent babies into this kind of a world.

Even my own family back in the Czech Republic keeps asserting to me not to even joke about coming back to Europe now even though, that might not be too surprising, given my grandfather still remembers both the WWII and 40 years of communism.

But no worries, panda bear. I didn’t hope you’d read this today with the intention to freak you out. Actually, the opposite is true.

Because thinking about the world and its future among soul seekers inevitably leads to one, crucial question…

‘What can I, as an individual, do to make the world a better place? And does it even matter?’

Funnily enough, in the process of questioning whether I should write a blog post on this topic or not, the Sacred Heart card from my Gaia deck came up as this week’s oracle, carrying the answer…

You see, the problem with asking ‘What can I do for the world’s peace?’ after something awful happens is, that no answer ever seems quite right! Everything usually feels either too big (packing your bag and joining the Red Cross) or too small (sending some money to charity).

But what there IS the middle way? And what if it’s closer that you think?

What if it’s within the sacred heart? Within YOUR sacred heart… Within your capacity to love against all odds.

And let me be real.

I know it’s really difficult not get sucked in by fear and hatred in today’s world where we get fed by horrible images every other second. It’s difficult not to loose hope or to feel like no matter what you do, there will always be violence and suffering, let it be in your own life, the lives of those you love or in the world as a whole.

Besides, if you’re also a hippie by heart, chances are, that not only you take on the pain of others, but you also start feeling guilty of NOT suffering yourself. Of being quite happy and ‘having it all’ while there are people who die and struggle every single day.

Trust me, I know this feeling all too well. We all get the “Who am I to keep moving on and living my relatively carefree life as if nothing’s going on?!” gremlin.

And don’t get me wrong. Compassion is a beautiful and much needed thing, but only as long as it doesn’t get highjacked by victimhood.

The thing is, this Universe works on the law of attraction… Which means that nothing is ever a coincidence!

There’s a reason for everything.

There’s a reason for you to be where you’re at right now.

There’s a reason for you to be reading this.

There’s a reason for you NOT to be a direct victim of war or terror.

There’s a reason for you to be living your ‘relatively carefree’ life.

And this reason is to be happy.


Because unlike so many others, you can.

Because the world needs your joy and happiness to balance the pain and suffering on the other side.

Because even though, you might feel like the smallest drop in the ocean sometimes, you still have the incredible power of conscious focus!

And so you can either add oil into the fire by focusing on pain and powerlessness or you can soothe it by choosing not to read the news and give someone an honest smile instead!

I know, it might sound selfish but actually, I truly believe that THIS is how the world’s peace is made; Through taking responsibility for your own happiness first.

Think about it. A world full of happy people is a happy world. A world full of fear and despair is fearful and desperate.

You have the power to shift your consciousness and that’s how you heal the whole world.

So if you get caught up in focusing on the world’s suffering this week (or any time really) and joining the Red Cross isn’t really an option… Just remind yourself of where and why you actually are at the moment.

What if ‘having it all’ in comparison to others isn’t something to feel guilty or ambivalent for?

What if it’s a sign?

What if it’s a calling to embrace YOUR reality and all the blessings you’ve been granted and make the most out of them?

For yourself. For you children. For everyone around you. For the world’s peace.

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