You Were Never Meant To Do It All Alone

You were never meant to do it all alone, babe! This really hit me yesterday as I was sitting at my workshop, sharing and listening to those gorgeous women talking about how difficult it is to be a woman sometimes. You know, juggling everything and trying to be the best mom, daughter, wife, lover, entrepreneur… And expecting perfection. Believing that being a terminator who handles it all by herself is normal and natural.

It freakin’ isn’t!

Humans are social animals! And in fact, for most of our history and evolution we lived in tribes and communities! And then we used to have the extended family at least! We were never alone (in fact, in many cases that would mean a sure death)!

Women of all ages used to help each other all the time! We would work together, gather, support each other, take care of each other’s kids… We would give birth and even die together! And since evolutionary, we’re actually still kinda “stuck” in the hunter/gatherer days in so many ways, THAT’S what’s natural!

The “traditional” nuclear, single house hold family where you lived hundreds of kilometres away from your loved ones, not to mention being a single mom, actually isn’t that traditional at all! It’s new and crazy in so many ways if you think about it, because it has separated us from one and another. We have created this individualised world where not only we feel alone, but we even think it’s normal too!

So yeah, give yourself the gift of support, love!

Please, do ask for help when you need it. Find a community of like-minded peeps or create one! Gather with other women and help each other out (offline too!;-).

Allow yourself to delegate stuff! Get a maid, a baby sitter, someone who will help you with your biz and taxes and all the other stuff you’re avoiding anyways and most importantly, try not to feel guilty!

Because the truth is, you were never meant to do it all alone!

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